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DAMEGA mini siren
Sale Price: $96.95
5 (5 Reviews)

The Mini Siren is a 100-watt sirens on the market! This siren features a 4 button switch box which allows the user to easily select siren tones and to control any lights attached to the vehicle, making it easy to multi-task and focus on the job at hand. This unit also comes with a momentary switch for pattern selection and a PA microphone

Customer reviews
Got this because I liked the options and variety of sounds. Didn't take too long too install, pretty intuitive setup.
This is probably my favorite speaker system I've ever used. The sirens tones are all great and if you add the extra/ more powerful sirens- I got the extra 100W siren- it really packs a punch sound wise. Very, very pleased!
The power behind this siren always startles people. It's the best combination of powerful engineering and portable ease. It's my new go-to for extra high-traffic jobs.
What a great quality handheld, I'm so glad to have purchased this! Compact and wicked loud, you can tell the amplifier is really good inside.
This siren does it all. Crisp, clear sound and easy to use. Strongly recommend!
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