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The DaMeGa Intel Handheld Siren is designed with you in mind. Make way for your volunteer response team with this small, booming siren. It boasts standard tones such as wail, yelp, Hilo, and manual, as well as the new DaMeGa mechanical tone.

With four lighted pushbutton switches for controlling auxiliary or emergency lighting, you will surely be heard in any situation. This easy-to-use handheld is sure to please.


  • Handheld unit
  • Pushbutton controls
  • 100-watt amplifier
  • 20 total amps of light control
  • Four backlit switches for light control
  • Seven pushbutton switches for tones
  • Built-in microphone

Customer reviews
I saw this and couldn't pass up a good deal- DaMeGa products are always top quality. Siren is powerful and clear within a wide radius. I don't worry about not being heard or seen with this siren on my team.
I'm in love with this handheld siren, it is perfect for emergency work!! Surprisingly loud for its size too.
I received my first one last week and think I will be buying a few more for my response team, this is just so useful. The light and sound control is excellent!
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