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The A-6 Light bar is a 360-degree lighting system designed for efficiency, an extremely low profile, and aerodynamics. The A-6 has 36 3 Watt Generation III LEDs, creating impressive light output. It comes with removable magnet mounts as well as a more permanent surface mounting option.

This lightbar also has an option for a cigarette lighter switch with an ON/OFF switch that doubles as a button to change the patterns. In addition, this bar can also be hard wired into your existing control box.

Aerodynamic, low profile design
GEN III TIR LED Technology
12 Flash Patterns
Voltage: 12VDC
Self-Contained Internal Flasher
Fully Weatherproof
Magnet Mount Option
Surface Mount Option
6 LEDs in every module (36 LEDs total)



Length 12" x Width 7.5" x Height 1.5"

Customer reviews
If you're looking to not spend a fortune but still get a really well made light that isn't going to die, this is the one. Great lifespan and really affordable, I trust it to do its job while I do mine. Thnx!
This is the perfect streamlined mini LED light bar. You'll never see or feel it when it's on, but the LED's are very powerful when they are. Nice to have the option to permanently mount it too, if I ever need to.
What a surprisingly powerful little light bar! The colors are fantastic, and the flashes really make them stand out. I've already recommended this to a couple people who have asked about it. Your shipping speed is always the best, I'll be sure to keep ordering from you.
The 12 flash patterns are nice and more than enough for my needs. Also nice to choose between magnet or permanent mounting, I haven't decided yet on that. Customer service was great with answering my questions before I placed my order, so thank you for all your help!
Recommended by my boss, very satisfied. Lights are great and shine bright.
This light bar ticks all the boxes for us: not affected by weather, powerful charge, and excellent size. And it's so affordable, we could afford to buy more than 1 so our cars are all geared up. We love these at our station!
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