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The A-3 Mini Lightbar is a 360-degree lighting system with professionals in mind. The A-3 has 30 3 Watt Generation III LEDs, creating impressive light output from a sleek, low profile design. It comes with removable magnet mounts, a surface mounting option, and an option for a cigarette lighter switch with an ON/OFF function that doubles as a button to change the patterns. In addition, this bar can also be hard wired into your existing control box.

Aerodynamic, low profile design
GEN III TIR LED Technology
12 Flash Patterns
Voltage: 12VDC
Self-Contained Internal Flasher
Fully Weatherproof
Magnet Mount Option
Surface Mount Option
3 LEDs in every module (30 LEDs total)



Length 12" x Width 7.5" x Height 1.5"

Customer reviews
Overall great mini light bar. Awesome quality lights and not fussy
Amazing! The color on the grille lights and main bar are both incredible and so bright! I got mine in the mail just a few days after ordering so wow to that! I would highly recommend these to anyone because they work so great
I was very impressed at the color and light quality for the size. I was also very impressed by the shipping speed, I wish every company was as fast as you guys so thanks!
This was a good deal and I'm glad I bought this. The LED's are dense and bright, and the option to magnet or surface mount is pretty cool.
This was the perfect downsize for my needs. I ultimately chose this one after browsing your selection because I like the free grille lights (who doesn't like free?) and the removable magnet mounts. I've been using it pretty heavily since I got it in the mail and it works great. Thanks for a great product!
The value of these lights is way greater than the price, especially on sale. Top notch design and engineering makes these look and feel like more expensive competitors. You'd be a fool to pass on these.
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