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The 30” Razor Mini Lightbar TIR is a 360-degree lighting system designed for efficiency, an extremely low profile, and aerodynamics. This bar boasts Generation III LEDs, creating impressive light output. It comes gutter mounts as well as a cigarette lighter switch with an ON/OFF switch that doubles as a button to change the patterns. In addition, this bar can also be hard wired into your existing control box.

With maximum durability and fully encapsulated, epoxy-coated flasher boards, this low-profile lightbar can withstand the harshest of conditions.


  • Aerodynamic, fuel saving
  • GEN III TIR LED Technology
  • 15 Flash Patterns
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Self-Contained Internal Flasher
  • Fully Weatherproof
  • Gutter Mounts
  • 3 LEDs in every module (30 LEDs total)


  • Length 30" x Width 5.75" x Height 3" (Including mounting feet)
Customer reviews
I am so happy to have found this, it's the perfect size light! I think it could really qualify as a mini or a full size but that doesn't matter, I'm just really happy with how this looks and how it performs ontop of the cart. Installing it only took a few minutes and it works great. So happy!
Impressive visibility from every angle you are sure to see no matter what. Well-built light bar, great quality
This light has made made my job SO much easier. People can spot me more quickly and the lights don't stop until I turn them off. Easy to see in day or night time. Weatherproofing is perfect for the rainy season. What a great buy!
No complaints, everything works just like its supposed to
What I like most is that you can feel how well made it is, and you're paying for something that will last a long time. It arrived at my doorstep very quickly and well padded to make sure it wouldn't break or get dinged. Overall, this is a good buy that I would recommend
I bought the Red/White color combo and I love it! The colors are separate even when flashing, and the LED's are so powerful that the light cuts through heavy rain and fog. Customer support was great with me and my questions about the gutter mounts. The bar stays put and works awesome, it's just the best!
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