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The 30” Razor Mini Lightbar Linear was designed to be a long-lasting unit. It is waterproof and weatherproof, making it ideal for any weather conditions. It’s known for its extreme efficiency and its 360 degree light coverage. 6 LEDs in each module (a total of 78 LEDs) give off a blindingly strong light to make sure you’re seen when you need to be. This model includes a 10 foot cord with an ON/OFF and pattern-changing switch, a cigarette lighter adapter (if you don’t want to wire it to your existing switch box), and easy-install magnetic brackets.

GEN III Linear Modules
Voltage: 12VDC
15 flash patterns
Light is clear when off for a stealthy look
10 foot cord
Cigarette lighter adapter
40 lb. magnetic mount
Low Amperage draw



Length: 30" x Width: 5.75" x Height 3" (Including mounting feet)

Customer reviews
Great overall light, works perfectly, no cons.
You can literally see how high quality the light when it's on- extra bright, long lasting, and durable
This is a great light that is somewhere between mini and full sized light bars, but that's why I love it and why I bought it. It has the crazy brightness of a full-size bar with the lightweight benefit of the mini versions. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Strong magnets and bright lighting. Great price. Would recommend to a friend.
Had a cheaper light break on me on shift and had to quickly get a new, better replacement and this was the perfect find. The red and white color is clear and sharp and bright. Received my light within 2 days of ordering just like I needed, I'm very happy with my choice.
This light is easy to see even at midday, which in the Southwest means a lot. Cigarette adapter was a huge draw for this light too. I've been really pleased with how this light has worked so far!
It's sort of big but still low-riding and sleek, which is important to me. The LED's and flash patterns and all the features work just like they said they would, but my favorite part of this product is honestly how tough it is. Day or night or rain or shine I don't think this light will have any issues. Thanks for carrying this!
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