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The 20” Razor Mini Linear Lightbar has been engineered for 360-degree lighting coverage with high energy efficiency and high light output, making it very effective even during the day. This mini LED lightbar includes 8 modules of 6 LEDS with 2 end cap modules containing 3 LEDs each. That’s a total of 54 LEDs.

This model also includes a 10 foot cord with an ON/OFF and pattern-changing switch and 40 lb. magnet-mounting brackets for a breezy installation. This lightbar is designed to last. It’s water and weatherproof, giving you the ability to brave the worst conditions without fear of ruining your new favorite light bar.

8 6 LED Modules
2 end cap modules (3 LEDs each)
15 flash patterns
Light is clear when off for a stealthy look
10 foot cord
Cigarette lighter adapter
40LB magnetic mount
Low Amperage draw

5-year warranty included


22" L x 4.9" W x 1.8" H

Customer reviews
I thought I mounted it wrong at first, but it's actually just really easy- thanks to the customer service person who answered all my dumb questions! The light is fantastic aside :)
This size is perfect because it can go on any ride. It's energy efficient without looking it if that makes sense, which is really great too. 2 thumbs way up
This little light shines through everything any anything the sporadic PNW weather throws at it, which is a great testament to its quality. Definitely my new favorite light bar!
I like that is clear when it's off so it's subtle, I saw a lot of mini LED's don't look like that. The lights are strong all around and the color (amber) was a good choice.
54 LED's squeezed into this light makes it a good value. Arrived right when I needed it and have been using it ever since and it hasn't had any problems. I would definitely recommend this
This is a ninja of a light. Invisible when you want it to be, then BAM bright light! The blue color I ordered is a good color, it's perfect for patrolling day or night!
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