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The 12” Razor Linear Mini Lightbar was engineered to last, featuring a tightly sealed casing with an epoxy coating. With 360 degree light coverage, the sleek design of this mini lightbar makes it efficient and powerful. It contains 6 LEDs in each module for a total of 30 LEDs, a 10 foot cord with an ON/OFF and pattern-changing switch, a cigarette lighter adapter, and easy-install magnet-mounting brackets. It can also be wired to your existing switch box.

GEN III Linear Modules
Voltage: 12VDC
15 flash patterns
Light is clear when off for a stealthy look
10 foot cord
Cigarette lighter adapter
40 lb. magnetic mount
Low Amperage draw



Length: 12" x Width: 5.75" x Height 3" (Including mounting feet)

Customer reviews
For just 12", this light has a remarkably high power output, I don't have anything bad to say about it.
Fastest shipping ever, thanks for getting this out to me ASAP!!!!!
I like the pricing for this mini LED light bar alot. I like the style and design too, it looks really good on so thanks
I simply love this light! Lite and packed with LED's all over, it's easy to use, mount, and move if you need to. Great item you guys!
Love the size and light output is great
I *really* love the magnet mounting system, it makes everything so much easier. The cord is the perfect length. LED's are just as described , no surprises. Great product overall and very satisfied!
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