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Have you experienced the 48 inch Enforcer Lightbar?

Don’t miss out on one of our newest LED family members!

With every color combination available, you’ll hold your head high knowing that this multi-color technology is backed by exclusive innovative TIR optics. With bright light penetrating the darkness from both the front and side angles, you can charge ahead with confidence.
The 48 inch Enforcer Lightbar’s sleek design shows off over 20 flash patterns, takedown and alley lights, a built in traffic adviser, multi-color capabilities, and robust 360 degree lighting – all making this the most advanced emergency lightbar in the industry.
The included adjustable feet and mounting brackets that fit almost any roof style add the cherry on top!

Product Specification

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 360 degree lighting
  • 3W or 5W Generation IV LEds
  • Over 20 flash patterns
  • TIR optics
  • Takedown and alley lights
  • Built in traffic adviser
  • Dimensions Length 48" X 6" Width x 2 3/4" Height
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