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The Element LED Light Bar 2.0 is blindingly bright and incredibly efficient. Each lightbar contains Generation 5 3 watt LEDs. With a sleek body that optimizes efficiency and stealth, this bar is barely noticeable until you flip the switch. That’s when it really shines.

A 10-foot cord and mounting brackets and straps eliminates the need to drill holes in your vehicle. Each unit comes with 4 LEDs in every module for a total of 72 3 watt LEDs. With maximum durability and fully encapsulated, epoxy-coated flasher boards, this lightbar is built to last.

Voltage: 12VDC
SAE Rated
Generation 5 3 watt 5 Element LED technology
10 foot cable
Self-contained internal flasher
Fully encapsulated, fully weatherproof.

Sleek design
30 Selectable flash patterns
Includes wire harness for easy installation
Gutter Brackets included for easy mounting
5 button control box
Increased vehicle fuel efficiency
4 Generation 5 3 watt LEDs in every module (72 LEDs total)


Length: 37" x Width: 11.8" x Height 1.8"

Customer reviews
I bought the green color even though it was more expensive, and am throughly impressed at how powerful this light is for its size! Bright vibrant color too. 5-year warranty is SUCH a good deal also.
This is my favorite model of the DaMeGa light bars, perfect size
This light bar has the perfect price to value balance. Good quality and in budget, you can tell it's build to last just like they say.
I was nervous at first that this light bar might be too small, but to my relief it is the perfect size for my ride. I really like the sleek, low-profile design and how tough it feels. Extra-bright is a great bonus. Generally very happy with my purchase.
This is a just a really great light bar, I don't have to worry about it not working. And even if it does, the warranty is there for me. Perfect product.
Easy to install and mount, bright, powerful, and tough. No problems
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