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DaMeGa engineering is changing the game, rethinking the Saber Series line of lightbars and changing the emergency lighting industry forever. The Saber Series Lightbar is built to last and to shine its brightest in all weather and lighting conditions.

We now carry the Saber Series Version 2.0, which uses significantly better optics than its predecessor. With better light output and performance, the new line of Saber Lightbars are the new standard. Now available in single and dual rows and a wide variety of lengths and colors, your Saber Lightbar is sure to get the job done right.


  • 12V
  • SAE Rated
  • Generation III LEDs (176 LEDs Total)
  • TIR Optics with 1W or 3W LEDs
  • Dual-layered Aluminum Housing
  • Fully sealed and fully weatherproof
  • 15 User-selectable Flash Patterns
  • 14 Primary Warning Modules
  • LED Takedowns, Alleys, and Integrated Traffic Advisor
  • Arrow directions: right, left, center, out
  • Increased vehicle fuel efficiency
  • 15 Ft wire harness included (for easy installation)
  • Can be hardwired to existing switch box
  • Universal mounting brackets included


  • Length: 47" x Width: 11.5" x Height 2.5"
Customer reviews
This lightbar has great lighting, perfect for late night work. Easy installation a huge plus, overall very happy with my purchase.
I am loving this light bar! High quality lights and control box, I especially love how customizable it is for what I need. Customer service answered all my questions as well, so thank you!
I purchased the blue color and 3W LED intensity option, and am very pleased with it. The light is extra bright and clear. This light bar is definitely worth spending a couple extra dollars on.
Top-notch quality construction, I adore this light bar! Great color options too, I would definitely recommend this to anybody.
We bought the amber/white color light bar and added the ultimate control box + siren, such a good choice! Sound and light quality is phenomenal and is worth the price! DaMeGa is seriously high-quality lighting and we are loving it!
This is a top-of-the-line designed light bar. The light is powerful and bright and shows the color really well. You can tell it is built to last and is a good value.
Works perfectly. Will buy again.
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