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90 Watt, 6 Outlet, 6 Bulb Strobe Kit

Perfect for Police, Rescue, Fire, E.M.S., Tow, Plow, Security and Highway construction vehicles. The kit features six high intensity pop in strobe tubes. Also included are SIX 15ft shielded cables to run the strobe tubes to where ever you see fit. This strobe kit is perfect for mounting in headlights, taillights, fog lights or anywhere else your imagination takes you.

The strobe tubes slip easily into a 1" hole drilled in the back of your headlights, marker lights, taillights, turn signals and floods. They provide a completely hidden and extremely intense emergency lighting solution. Each Bulb is sealed with high quality, high temperature silicone material, to insure longevity. The small power supply is designed to operate up to SIX remote strobe heads in a multiple flash patterns. The strobe kit has 15 flash patterns. Operates on 12 VDC, and features polarity protection diode. It will move traffic day and night! The unit comes with a two year warranty.

Product Features and Specifications:

90 Watt 6 Outlet Power Supply

6 - 15ft wires with connectors

6 - Hide-a-way Strobe tubes (grommet type)

Easy "Momentary" Selection of 15 Flash Patterns

Hi/Lo Mode

Optional Smart Switch Panel Connects

Via Data Connector; Cuts Installation Time In Half!

X-Switch Panel INCLUDED

Best Price to Quality Ratio in the Industry

2 Year Warranty on Power Supply

Customer reviews
Really great kit- brightest lights I've ever used, easy to install. Perfect.
I called customer service to ask some questions about installation, and the rep on the phone was very knowledgable and answered all of my questions. I like the mix of patterns and how easy it is to customize this kit to fit my needs. Excellent product generally.
Getting this kit in the mail was like Christmas! The six cables to go with the lights are perfect for reaching every point of the truck, and they are intense little lights. Very impressed and pleased with my purchase!
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