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This kit is perfect for anyone looking to outfit vehicles that need to be seen from a distance like firetrucks, police vehicles, etc. It includes six blindingly bright pop-in strobe tubes. In addition, there are 4 15 foot shielded cables that allow you to mount the strobe tubes anywhere on any vehicle.

These strobe tubes have many uses. They can be inserted into a 1” hole in the back of your headlights, taillights, maker lights, turn signals, or flood lights. They allow you to be discreet and hidden in plain sight when they’re off and visible by everyone when they’re in use. Each unit is made with the highest quality materials to ensure a long-lasting product that can withstand high temperatures and intense situations.
This kit boasts 15 flash patterns that will make sure you’re noticed; day or night!


  • 90 Watt 4 Outlet Power Supply
  • 4 15ft wires with connectors
  • 4 Hideaway Strobe tubes (grommet type)
  • Easy "Momentary" Selection of 15 Flash Patterns
  • Hi/Lo Mode
  • Optional Smart Switch Panel Connects
  • Via Data Connector (for speedy installation)
  • X-Switch Panel INCLUDED
Customer reviews
Incredible and hardy lights in such discrete packaging are hard to come by, so the design is really awesome. My team feels much safer with these bulbs framing our response vehicle.
Awesome flash patterns!
Wasn't sure if the 4 or 6 light kit was the one I needed, but the rep I chatted with on the phone was very genuine in making sure I got the right product, so I feel good about this buy. The lights are as bright as they say they are. Thanks for all your help!
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