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The A4 Series Grille Light is a favorite amongst professionals. It features 4 next-generation LEDs with 12 flash patterns that can be synchronized with other A-series lights. These units are waterproof, weatherproof, and vibration resistant, making them perfect for those who want to get the job done.

Optional L brackets make these lights easy to mount anywhere you like. Built to last, these little lights are sure to light up your world for years to come.

Customer reviews
No complaints, performs great and doesn't budge.
Compared side by side to the A3, the extra LED does make a difference so I'm glad to get this grille light. The green color is really awesome and easy to see from far away, and makes the flash stand out even more. One of the best grille lights I've ever had!
I have 2 of these on my grille and just love them. They are just so brilliant and clear and they sync up perfect. Such awesome quality for such a small piece of equipment, I would suggest these any day!
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