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Why Would i Want To Buy That?

by John Ross

Modular homes have a bad rap. Once thought of as a glorified trailer, modular homes have turned the corner into the main stream. Customers want more control over the design of their home – and are moving further and further away from the standard tract home. Modular homes provide home buyers more control over the design and layout of their home.

Although they still only make up a fraction of the market (only 1.5% according to, their relatively low cost makes them an attractive alternative to a more traditionally built home. There are three advantages to buying a modular home: Quality, Speed and Cost.
Based on price per square foot alone, modular homes are generally significantly cheaper than the cost to build a home on site. However, there is a major caveat: the price to build the home does not include the price of the land or the price of running utilities to the property. If you are not building in an urban area, the costs to run utilities could quickly run into the thousands, so it’s important to check out what utilities are where.
Surprisingly, the quality of a modular home may be superior to that of one built on site. This is because there is greater institutional control over building the home. Whereas a home built on location may have multiple contractors and sub contractor with little supervision, a modular home is build in a factory where there is increased scrutiny. Additionally, because of how they’re built, many prefabricated homes may actually be more energy efficient.

The last major benefit is the speed at which you can get a home built. Builders can construct the shell of a home in as little as 5 days. They will then assemble the home at the site and finish the interior. It will be up to you to create your dream home with furniture and lighting.

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