Using LED Flashing Lights on your Vehicle

We’ve all seen those flashing lights around us on the road. They signal us to slow down and alert us to be more aware of our surroundings. These reasons are perfect examples of why emergency vehicles, tow trucks and other vehicles need flashing LED lights.

Even though LED bulbs shine bright light, the light alone isn’t much of an attention grabber. The flashing strobe pattern is what really catches our eyes. This is why flashing LED lights are essential to drivers of vehicles that need to catch your attention. You can’t just flip on the switch and have the lights flash all of the time, so the driver needs to understand how and when to use the flashing light. Think about a school bus, when the lights are flashing you look for children crossing. What if those lights were flashing all of the time? It wouldn’t be safe for the children or the other drivers on the road. Even worse, what if those lights didn’t flash at all?

The importance of knowing what feature to use and when to use it is essential to safety on the road when driving a vehicle that needs flashing LED lights.

Uses of Flashing LED Lights

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles use flashing LED lights to help move through heavy traffic areas by alerting their presence on the road. These lights signal to drivers that the approaching vehicle is traveling to an emergency and needs to get there as soon as possible. Most drivers yield to flashing lights on emergency vehicles.

Notification to other drivers to be aware of their surroundings

LED Light Bars with flashing strobe patterns are used on a variety of vehicles. These vehicles use them to make other drivers aware of something abnormal in their surroundings. Flashing LED lights are used by tow trucks to alert cars to their presence. Some vehicles use them to alert drivers to “wide loads” or other cargo that could interrupt traffic flow. LED flashing lights are an effective tool to notify other drivers on the road of your whereabouts.


Many construction crews that work on or near the roads will use vehicles with flashing LED lights to block off their area. This practice allows others to know that there may be debris, workers, or other hazardous materials in the area. Using LED lights in this way promotes the safety of the worker but also the safety of others in that area.

Flashing LED Lights are a must have for any emergency vehicle. These lights are essential to the safety of yourself and others in the area around you. Using the LED light bars when and how they should be used will notify others of your presence and allow them to react to the situation appropriately. Whether you’re headed to a call in your emergency vehicle, or you’re towing a truck, a flashing LED light will keep you seen and safe.