Buying warning lights for your emergency vehicle is a difficult process, there are so many choices, and colors, and flash patterns you don’t know where to start. Below we’ll tell you the best types of LED lights for your emergency vehicle.

Trust us, we know. We’ve tried them all…and slept on the couch for buying another one.

Exterior LED Light Bars

A must have for any emergency vehicle. Well suited for Firefighters, police men, tow truck drivers and construction crew. These powerful light bars shine 360 degrees of light. Housed in an extremely durable, shatter proof and water resistant case, these Light bars will stand up to the job.

LED Visor Lights

Best for larger emergency vehicles, but not large enough to need a full bar mounted on the roof. Visor lights are usually sold in pairs and boast a pretty hefty amount of light. Often wired into existing systems or plugged into the cigarette lighter, these lights are easy to install.

Dash Lights

These LED lights can pack some serious lighting power. Easily moved and installed, just plug your dash light into the cigarette lighter and it’s ready to use. These can often be mounted in both the front and rear windshields. Dash lights are a good option for the vehicle that is only an emergency vehicle, half of the time. Great for POVs!

Grille & Surface LEDs

Small, powerful extremely versatile LED lights well suited for any vehicle that requires warning lights. These rugged lights are built to stand up to any weather conditions. Exterior friendly, these are often mounted on bumpers and grilles. These are perfect for symmetrical lights all over your emergency vehicle.

All of these lights are great options to make sure that your seen and safe while driving your emergency vehicle. No matter what your needs, LightsNMore can outfit your car with emergency lighting that you can trust.