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Modernize your home with LED lights: Garden Growth

by John Ross

Every home has a bookshelf. Some are stuffed to the brim with paperback and hardback spines and some are housing picture frames full of family smiles. Whatever your bookshelf holds, you can be certain that the shelf above is keeping the items below in the dark.

Have you ever been searching for a book on your shelf for an item but you can’t seem to pinpoint it’s location? I often leave bookmarks in books I never finished reading and since I’m always searching for a bookmark, I can never find it hidden in the shadows of the shelf due north. I needed help shedding light on this situation and after some creative thinking I decided to try a light underneath each shelf. Novel idea, right? But how do I attach a light bulb to a shelf?

The solution here is simple. A mounted light bar. The obvious lighting choice is LED, especially with all of the energy and money saving benefits. (link benefits article here) I say the solution was simple because it was. After an easy installation/mounting of the LED light under the shelf I was quickly in the business of seeing the dark corners of the shelves I’d never seen.
As I looked around I began to see other places I could use an LED mounted light bar to help me be more productive. I can attest that LED mounted light bars are excellent for inside credenzas, underneath desks, and above copiers for those of us who don’t see well.

With just a few LED lights, like the ones you can find at LightsNMore, you can transform your whole office into a more efficient, well-light and cooler space. What better way to improve your mood while your inside your office? Who knows, you may even get more work done.


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