When camping you will want flashlights, headlamps and lanterns at your disposal. The lights you use while camping should be:

Bright -You’ll want to use small lights that pack some serious power. You’ll need to be able to see, not just immediately in front of you, but also far away. This helps keep you out of danger…and get that doughnut.

Hands- Free – You can’t build a fire while holding a flashlight in your hand. In fact, any task you try to complete after dark will be much harder one-handed. This is why a headlamp is recommended in addition to your flashlight.

Battery Operated – Unless you carried a generator out with your tent, you’ll need lights that don’t need electricity to shine.

Weatherproof – If you’re outdoors you need a rugged, weather-proof light. Trust me on this, if you leave a flashlight that isn’t waterproof outside, it could be unusable the next time the sun sets.

LED lights offer the best solution for camping.

LED bulbs are more durable, they provide longer lasting light than traditional bulbs and most importantly, they cast, bright, clear light. Flashlights, Headlamps and lanterns with LED light bulbs are often battery powered. LED light bars are usually equipped with shatter resistant and waterproof lenses. That makes LED lights the perfect choice for your camping trip. LED light bars are made to withstand a variety of conditions.

Among the most versatile of lights, LED lights and light bars are easily mounted and are built tough enough to endure strong winds and vibrations. Often used for emergency vehicles, this type of LED light is sure to meet the expectations of the most rugged outdoorsmen.

Not a rugged outdoorsman but still like camping? Don’t worry. You can mount LED lights to your camper or RV and still enjoy the beauty and versatility of an LED light bar. You can even switch the lights inside your RV over to LEDs to have a more efficient use of energy. Mounting a LED light bar to the awning on your camper or RV will provide, bright, clear light for an evening outdoors.

If camping is one of your favorite outdoor activities, investing in LED lights is a good choice. They have all of the features necessary to make your camping trip a glorious, well-light experience.