That evening when you get home your interior designer is waiting by your front door. The two of you walk through the kitchen and you’re ready to do your best Fixer Upper. “I hate that wall and I want an island!” You declare through gritted teeth. But before I do anything else, I want to make sure that I get read of the ugly canister and fluorescent lights! And so your kitchen remodel begins with LED lights, an island and demolished wall.

Lighting is an important component to any kitchen redesign. Given that it appears that 2017 kitchen trends are to go slightly darker (e.g. black stainless steel), it’s incredibly important to make sure that your kitchen is well lit against the ever-present black granite countertops. With most cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling, there is ample room and strength to add some smallish track lighting underneath so that you can see while cutting.

If you are building an island, I would encourage ceiling lighting. There are four key elements to deciding how to hang the ceiling lights: 1) How big is your island; 2) Obstructions (i.e. where is your TV?); 3) What type of space do you have; and 4) How tall are you and your family? Clairebella has an easy primer on how and where to hang your ceiling light over your new island.