Outside of the tightly controlled chaos that is the kitchen, the dining room sits apart ready to help the family repast and remember. Still, the open kitchen concept has transformed the idea of the traditional, formal dining room. The kitchen colors now bleed into the dining room creating a sense of unity between the two rooms.

Industrial and period continue to make comebacks. If you want a large dining room table then consider going with the traditional long table. To add a more modern air to it, you can find one made of reclaimed wood – or you can distress it yourself. If using the longer, traditional table, then a ceiling light, rather than a chandelier, may be your best option. Both ceiling lights and chandeliers have LED light options so that you can still remain energy efficient.

To accentuate the rustic look, use wooden chairs for the table. Some designers like to upholster the chairs but I think that mutes the country design. Wood chairs, painted a dark color work quite well to achieve the desired effect. Some chairs have arms but this can make them too bulky if you are trying to seat a large dinner party for Thanksgiving.

August Grove and Lark Manor (to name just a couple of companies) both make great chairs for dining around the farm table.

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