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The Best Types of LED Lights for Your Emergency Vehicle - See more at:

Posted by John Doe

Buying warning lights for your emergency vehicle is a difficult process, there are so many choices, and colors, and flash patterns you don’t know where to start. Below we’ll tell you the best types of LED lights for your emergency vehicle.

Trust us, we know. We’ve tried them all…and slept on the couch for buying another one.

Exterior LED Light Bars

A must have for any emergency vehicle. Well suited for Firefighters, police men, tow truck drivers and construction crew. These powerful light bars shine 360 degrees of light. Housed in an extremely durable, shatter proof and water resistant case, these Light bars will stand up to the job.

LED Visor Lights

Best for larger emergency vehicles, but not large enough to need a full bar mounted on the roof. Visor lights are usually sold in pairs and boast a pretty hefty amount of light. Often wired into existing systems or plugged into the cigarette lighter, these lights are easy to install.

Dash Lights

These LED lights can pack some serious lighting power. Easily moved and installed, just plug your dash light into the cigarette lighter and it’s ready to use. These can often be mounted in both the front and rear windshields. Dash lights are a good option for the vehicle that is only an emergency vehicle, half of the time. Great for POVs!

Grille & Surface LEDs

Small, powerful extremely versatile LED lights well suited for any vehicle that requires warning lights. These rugged lights are built to stand up to any weather conditions. Exterior friendly, these are often mounted on bumpers and grilles. These are perfect for symmetrical lights all over your emergency vehicle.

All of these lights are great options to make sure that your seen and safe while driving your emergency vehicle. No matter what your needs, LightsNMore can outfit your car with emergency lighting that you can trust.

Durable LED Lights in All Weather Conditions

Posted by John Doe

Emergency Vehicles, Tow Trucks and other working vehicles run around the clock.

Rain or shine, these vehicles not only need to be seen, but they also need to see what is in front of them. Risking your own safety is the name of the game for most first responders, however, you can decrease those risks with the appropriate LED Light bars.

During adverse conditions, the importance of LED lights, isn’t just for you to see what’s in front of you. A high quality, LED Light system is just what your emergency vehicle needs to alert other drivers to your presence and to give them a signal to slow down on difficult to navigate, slick roads. Using a Light bar that has high visibility is essential to saving lives in a snow storm, or even a heavy down pour.

It isn’t just visibility in rainy, snowy weather that you need to think about though. Lights that can’t be seen in blistering sun, aren’t going to help too much either. This is why you need LED light bars. These light emitting diodes will cast bright light that is visible even if the sun is shining directly toward you. LED light bars are so versatile you can even choose where you place them to increase visibility. Whether you have a truck or car, LED lights are the perfect solution for your lighting needs. Equipped with mounting hardware, LED lights can be placed in many different positions and areas. Mount to the grille or any flat surface for exterior visibility. If you prefer an interior option, you can choose a LED dashbar light, and spread bright light wider and farther.

In addition to the visibility of the light, Emergency and other working vehicles also need durability. Traveling at life-saving speeds will test the lens and casing of whatever lights you choose. Emergency LED lights sold at LightsNMore, boast shatter-resistant and weather proof polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are designed to hold up to any weather condition you encounter. With these excellent prices, You’ll be casting bright, unimpeded, LED light from your Emergency Vehicle or Tow truck when it counts the most.

With the appropriate LED light set up, you can be sure that you are always seen. You can feel secure knowing that other drivers will see you coming. You can also ensure that you can effectively perform your duties in any weather condition.

At LightsNMore, we offer a variety of options that will allow you to choose the best LED light option for your vehicle. You’ll find LED light bars with many flashing patterns and color combinations to choose from. We even have small, durable light pairs for symmetrical placement. This will ensure that you’re seen from all angles in every weather condition. It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

What to consider when buying an LED Light Bar

Posted by John Doe

The LED lights you choose to put on your emergency vehicle will need to endure some tough conditions. They will need to keep you safe, help you with controlling traffic, and announce your presence to other drivers. These lights need to be powerful and practical. Choosing these lights correctly the first time will prevent costly mistakes in the future.

So what do you need to think about when you are choosing your partner in crime?

Company Reputation

Buying from a reliable and trusted source among the emergency community is extremely important when deciding on an LED Light Bar. You need to know that your lights won’t let you down. You need to be sure you can count on those lights every time. LightsNMore has many satisfied customers and only sales the most trusted, reliable, products for your warning light needs.


Without a warranty, there is no security for you. If you buy it and it breaks, you’re out money. Good companies with quality products stand behind their Light Bars. LightsNMore offers a 5 year warranty on most products.0

Quality of the product.

Low quality products may fail without warning. When your emergency lights are protecting your safety, you can’t afford to take those kinds of risks. High quality products, like those at LightsNMore, are made to shine for up to 100,000. With their shatter resistant and water proof lens, you can be sure that bright, reliable light will shine every time you hit the switch.

Product Features

Features can make our break your emergency vehicle’s relationship with a LED Light Bar. If you need a certain color, or flashing pattern, make sure to double check that the light bar is equipped with those. If you need a movable light, check the mounting options. You don’t want to get a light that doesn’t work for you.

There are many factors that should go into choosing what LED Light Bar is best for your emergency vehicle. This decision is an important one and should be made based on your needs and your safety. Don’t rush it. Take your time. Browse our catalog. Still having trouble deciding? Contact us and let our experts help you get the light best suited for you.

Light your Life: Camping with LEDs

Posted by John Doe

Do you enjoy camping or other outdoor activities in the fall? As the temperatures cool down and leaves begin to change color, many people feel the desire to be outside and enjoy the weather. Camping presents some challenges if you’re looking for that last doughnut in the dark. Nobody wants to be stuck knowing there’s a doughnut to eat but they can’t find it.

When camping you will want flashlights, headlamps and lanterns at your disposal. The lights you use while camping should be:

Bright -You’ll want to use small lights that pack some serious power. You’ll need to be able to see, not just immediately in front of you, but also far away. This helps keep you out of danger…and get that doughnut.

Hands- Free – You can’t build a fire while holding a flashlight in your hand. In fact, any task you try to complete after dark will be much harder one-handed. This is why a headlamp is recommended in addition to your flashlight.

Battery Operated – Unless you carried a generator out with your tent, you’ll need lights that don’t need electricity to shine.

Weatherproof – If you’re outdoors you need a rugged, weather-proof light. Trust me on this, if you leave a flashlight that isn’t waterproof outside, it could be unusable the next time the sun sets.

LED lights offer the best solution for camping.

LED bulbs are more durable, they provide longer lasting light than traditional bulbs and most importantly, they cast, bright, clear light. Flashlights, Headlamps and lanterns with LED light bulbs are often battery powered. LED light bars are usually equipped with shatter resistant and waterproof lenses. That makes LED lights the perfect choice for your camping trip. LED light bars are made to withstand a variety of conditions.

Among the most versatile of lights, LED lights and light bars are easily mounted and are built tough enough to endure strong winds and vibrations. Often used for emergency vehicles, this type of LED light is sure to meet the expectations of the most rugged outdoorsmen.

Not a rugged outdoorsman but still like camping? Don’t worry. You can mount LED lights to your camper or RV and still enjoy the beauty and versatility of an LED light bar. You can even switch the lights inside your RV over to LEDs to have a more efficient use of energy. Mounting a LED light bar to the awning on your camper or RV will provide, bright, clear light for an evening outdoors.

If camping is one of your favorite outdoor activities, investing in LED lights is a good choice. They have all of the features necessary to make your camping trip a glorious, well-light experience.

Using LED Flashing Lights on Your Vehicle

Posted by John Doe

Using LED Flashing Lights on your Vehicle

We’ve all seen those flashing lights around us on the road. They signal us to slow down and alert us to be more aware of our surroundings. These reasons are perfect examples of why emergency vehicles, tow trucks and other vehicles need flashing LED lights.

Even though LED bulbs shine bright light, the light alone isn’t much of an attention grabber. The flashing strobe pattern is what really catches our eyes. This is why flashing LED lights are essential to drivers of vehicles that need to catch your attention. You can’t just flip on the switch and have the lights flash all of the time, so the driver needs to understand how and when to use the flashing light. Think about a school bus, when the lights are flashing you look for children crossing. What if those lights were flashing all of the time? It wouldn’t be safe for the children or the other drivers on the road. Even worse, what if those lights didn’t flash at all?

The importance of knowing what feature to use and when to use it is essential to safety on the road when driving a vehicle that needs flashing LED lights.

Uses of Flashing LED Lights

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles use flashing LED lights to help move through heavy traffic areas by alerting their presence on the road. These lights signal to drivers that the approaching vehicle is traveling to an emergency and needs to get there as soon as possible. Most drivers yield to flashing lights on emergency vehicles.

Notification to other drivers to be aware of their surroundings

LED Light Bars with flashing strobe patterns are used on a variety of vehicles. These vehicles use them to make other drivers aware of something abnormal in their surroundings. Flashing LED lights are used by tow trucks to alert cars to their presence. Some vehicles use them to alert drivers to “wide loads” or other cargo that could interrupt traffic flow. LED flashing lights are an effective tool to notify other drivers on the road of your whereabouts.


Many construction crews that work on or near the roads will use vehicles with flashing LED lights to block off their area. This practice allows others to know that there may be debris, workers, or other hazardous materials in the area. Using LED lights in this way promotes the safety of the worker but also the safety of others in that area.

Flashing LED Lights are a must have for any emergency vehicle. These lights are essential to the safety of yourself and others in the area around you. Using the LED light bars when and how they should be used will notify others of your presence and allow them to react to the situation appropriately. Whether you’re headed to a call in your emergency vehicle, or you’re towing a truck, a flashing LED light will keep you seen and safe.

Modernize your home with LED lights: Garden Growth

Posted by John Doe

Every home has a bookshelf. Some are stuffed to the brim with paperback and hardback spines and some are housing picture frames full of family smiles. Whatever your bookshelf holds, you can be certain that the shelf above is keeping the items below in the dark.

Have you ever been searching for a book on your shelf for an item but you can’t seem to pinpoint it’s location? I often leave bookmarks in books I never finished reading and since I’m always searching for a bookmark, I can never find it hidden in the shadows of the shelf due north. I needed help shedding light on this situation and after some creative thinking I decided to try a light underneath each shelf. Novel idea, right? But how do I attach a light bulb to a shelf?

The solution here is simple. A mounted light bar. The obvious lighting choice is LED, especially with all of the energy and money saving benefits. (link benefits article here) I say the solution was simple because it was. After an easy installation/mounting of the LED light under the shelf I was quickly in the business of seeing the dark corners of the shelves I’d never seen.
As I looked around I began to see other places I could use an LED mounted light bar to help me be more productive. I can attest that LED mounted light bars are excellent for inside credenzas, underneath desks, and above copiers for those of us who don’t see well.

With just a few LED lights, like the ones you can find at LightsNMore, you can transform your whole office into a more efficient, well-light and cooler space. What better way to improve your mood while your inside your office? Who knows, you may even get more work done.

Benefits of LED: Longer Lasting Light

Posted by John Doe

There I was stranded in my hallway with a laundry at my feet on one side, the cat on the other, and the light bulb burned out. How could I possibly see to move? I turned my body from one way to the other looking for some way to see in this dark cave of a hallway. There was no light to be found. I needed emergency light and I needed it then.

You know that’s happened to you. It happens often and it’s frustrating but for some reason most of us don’t bother to try to find a long-term solution. We just replace the bulb with the same on that was there and 1,000 hours later, we’re back in the dark. Well, I’ve a got a solution. LED lighting.

LED lights have a proven extended life-time over regular old light bulbs. They have what I consider to be an exceptional amount of shine time. Sometimes they can last up to 100,000 hours. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you put it up against the traditional incandescent bulbs you’re talking nearly 100 times the longevity.

100,000 hours is about 11 years of continuous light. 11 years, that you and your loved ones will no longer suffer the dilemma of the darkness. Most of us don’t use lights 24 hours per day so, if you were to burn that one light 8 hours per day continuously, it’d take you 20 years to use up all of that light. Even kids don’t stay around that long.

LED’s are different to standard lighting and I think we’ve proved they are also superior in the amount of light they can produce. Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll even see differences in your electricity cost. LED lighting will be there to shed light on any situation, for the next 20 years.

Don’t get caught in the dark, switch to LED lighting. You’ll be glad you did. Ready to make the switch? Find our useful LED products here.

Design Your Dining Room with LED Lights

Posted by John Doe

Most days it feels like we are on the go-go-go! There is no time to stop and smell the roses, let alone cooking dinner. That’s why the holidays are so special. It’s a time where we get to slow down and gather around with family. Popular media likes to show us two competing pictures: one is family bliss with everyone sitting around the fire; the other is the modern dysfunctional family where everyone is at each other’s throat around the dinner table. We all know that the truth is somewhere in between.

Outside of the tightly controlled chaos that is the kitchen, the dining room sits apart ready to help the family repast and remember. Still, the open kitchen concept has transformed the idea of the traditional, formal dining room. The kitchen colors now bleed into the dining room creating a sense of unity between the two rooms.

Industrial and period continue to make comebacks. If you want a large dining room table then consider going with the traditional long table. To add a more modern air to it, you can find one made of reclaimed wood – or you can distress it yourself. If using the longer, traditional table, then a ceiling light, rather than a chandelier, may be your best option. Both ceiling lights and chandeliers have LED light options so that you can still remain energy efficient.

To accentuate the rustic look, use wooden chairs for the table. Some designers like to upholster the chairs but I think that mutes the country design. Wood chairs, painted a dark color work quite well to achieve the desired effect. Some chairs have arms but this can make them too bulky if you are trying to seat a large dinner party for Thanksgiving.

August Grove and Lark Manor (to name just a couple of companies) both make great chairs for dining around the farm table.


Bedroom Ideas: Renovate Your Living Environment

Posted by John Doe
Bedrooms aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when renovating your living environment. For most of us, we do not spend much time in our bedroom. We think of it merely as a place to sleep. However, we do know that our sleep environment is crucial to our ability to sleep well.

It’s good to use neutral colors in the bedroom. These colors help to create a soothing and calming environment. Additionally, it makes it easier to add accent colors with pillows, chairs and other pieces of furniture and art work throughout. Over the past few years, designers have increased their use of grays as a neutral color, but I still prefer beige for the bedroom.

Headboards can make for excellent focal points. If money is tight, these can be easily made using reclaimed wood. An alternative to reclaimed wood (especially if you can’t find any near by) is to buy 2”x4”s at your local hardware store and distress it yourself. Adding wall sconces with an LED light will add texture to your headboard.

If you are going to make the headboard your centerpiece, when you distress it, try to make it a neutral color that is compatible with the walls. A dry brushed white will make it easiest to coordinate the wall, headboard and bed spreads to really help to tie everything together.

With neutral wall and headboard colors, you can go to town with what you do to your bed. I really like to use strong, powerful colors like oranges and reds, similar to the bed above. If your room is big enough, use side tables. These are a great way to keep your bedroom organized. I would caution against antiquing them, however. With the head piece already weathered, it can overdo the design technique.


Kitchen Remodel: The Latest Kitchen Trends

Posted by John Doe

You wake up and walk downstairs to your kitchen. You skip turning on the 1970s lights that flicker on and off in favor of making your coffee. As you sip your coffee, slowly waking up, a sneer slowly starts to creep up your lips. You realize that you hate everything about it and that given the choice between living through a kitchen remodel and having to wake up another morning to it, you decide to gut out the remodel. That means that your first order of business when you get to work is to call your interior designer.

That evening when you get home your interior designer is waiting by your front door. The two of you walk through the kitchen and you’re ready to do your best Fixer Upper. “I hate that wall and I want an island!” You declare through gritted teeth. But before I do anything else, I want to make sure that I get read of the ugly canister and fluorescent lights! And so your kitchen remodel begins with LED lights, an island and demolished wall.

Lighting is an important component to any kitchen redesign. Given that it appears that 2017 kitchen trends are to go slightly darker (e.g. black stainless steel), it’s incredibly important to make sure that your kitchen is well lit against the ever-present black granite countertops. With most cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling, there is ample room and strength to add some smallish track lighting underneath so that you can see while cutting.

If you are building an island, I would encourage ceiling lighting. There are four key elements to deciding how to hang the ceiling lights: 1) How big is your island; 2) Obstructions (i.e. where is your TV?); 3) What type of space do you have; and 4) How tall are you and your family? Clairebella has an easy primer on how and where to hang your ceiling light over your new island.