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New Products: LED Light Bars, Police Lights, Sirens, Speakers & More

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  • 6 Button Control Box

    6 Button Control Box

    Button 1:  Left Arrow Button 2: Right Arrow Button 3:...

    Special Price $59.90

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  • Extreme Beam Dash Light

    Extreme Beam Dash Light

    If you need to be seen in all weather and light conditions, then the E...

    Special Price $48.30

    Regular Price: $120.00

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  • SL20 LED Dash Light

    SL20 LED Dash Light

    The SL-20 LED Dash Light is a slim, dash-mounted flashing LED light wi...

    Special Price $90.93

    Regular Price: $199.99

    Your Saving: ( 55% )

Emergency Light Bars, Vehicle Warning Lights & LED Police Lights

When it comes to LED light bars, emergency vehicle light bars, and warning light bars , there is no other online dealer like Lights N More. With a team dedicated to customer satisfaction, Lights N More offers the highest quality products to meet the needs of the volunteer firefighter or paid police officer. Whether you needs are lights, police sirens or tow truck light bars, Lights N More can help you outfit your personnel vehicle or fleet of vehicles. You won’t find a more complete selection of products. We have everything you need!

Our fast and reliable service is the best in the business. Our team will help you through every step of selecting the perfect LED light, light bar, or work light for your vehicle or fleet. We’re here to make our products work for you.

LED Vehicle Lights & Warning Light Bars for Police, Fire, Tow Truck Industry

There is nothing more critical to life saving emergency personnel and first responders than visibility. At Lights N More, we can assure you’re seen. With our wide range of amber-colored LED warning light bars with user selected flash patterns, your tow trucks or construction vehicles will be bright and easy to see, ensuring the safety of road side workers and passersby during the day, night, and all extreme weather conditions.

Install Emergency Lights to Outfit Your Emergency Vehicle with Bright LED Police Light Bars & Strobe Lights

Lights N More has been in the LED light business since 2007, bringing full sized light bars and other vehicle warning lights to our customers all over the world. Our affordability, quality, and low pricing has brought us recognition as a recommended supplier of police car LED lights and other emergency vehicle lights. With our helpful customer service team, Lights N more will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect light bar, strobe light, or police siren that fits your specific requirements. Our customer service representatives are here to help you find the lighting solution that’s right for you!

Trust is a Privilege, Top Customer Service

Lights N more is the place for a quality customer service experience and a price that won’t break the bank. With over eight years in the industry, we have built a name on the foundations of trust and experience. Lights N More is privileged with return customers because of our experience with fast shipping, long warranties, the top rated quality products, and the ability to tailor the Lights N More experience to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for the best in emergency or warning LED lights at the best price, Lights N More has you covered.

We are here to serve you and look forward to working with you.

Saving Lives with Emergency Light Bars

You hear the sirens. You see the police lights. As an ambulance approaches, you hear the captain’s voice over the speaker from the fire truck, calling for an evacuation of the building as his crew combs the premises to rescue victims… How did all of these emergency vehicles safely make it across town so quickly?

Emergency light bars help drivers to see the flashing fire, ambulance, and police lights even before hearing the sirens. Here at Lights N More, we pride ourselves in the part we play in saving lives every day by providing the best LED light bar for every situation.

In addition to emergency light bars, our amazing product line includes light bars for sale such as light bars for trucks and off road/work lights, sirens, speakers, and switch boxes.

Light bars for trucks are important to accommodate the more recent surge of large trucks used by state highway patrol agencies and sheriff departments. The off road/work lights are particularly helpful in search and rescue missions, accident recovery, and even storm-chasing.

Sirens create an extra level of awareness by alerting people of an urgent or life-threatening situation.

Without even peeking out the window, most of us can tell what type of emergency vehicle is driving by because of our familiarity with sirens. Of course, thanks to the powerful speakers from Lights N More, we can also hear the loud and familiar horns of the fire trucks. Switch boxes are small but powerful sources of LED light flashing to the pattern of your choice. Have you ever seen an accident on the interstate at night? These lights are a huge help for detouring traffic. 

So what is the best LED light bar? The bar that gives you the brightest and most efficient light to get your job done. For us at Lights N More, the best LED light bars are those that help our customers to save lives.


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